Learn to weld and earn a career – Industry Certifications at J. Everett Light Career Center prepares adults for in-demand careers by offering training classes resulting in increased technical skills and industry recognized credentials.

American Welding Society (AWS) Industry Recognized Welding Class

Accelerated 10  week program offering:

  • AWS -MIG Certification, AWS-TIG Certification OR AWS -Stick Certification

  • Basic blue print reading

  • Welding portfolio with resume building

  • Assistance with job placement (beginning welders earn $16-$18 per hour with experienced welders earning up to $35)

Program Description:

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in an entry level welding career.  Includes instruction in: general safety, equipment requirements, basic blue prints, oxyfuel safety, welding symbols.

What is

MIG Welding

Metal inert gas welding: a method of welding in which the filler metal wire supplies the electric current to maintain the arc, which is shielded from the access of air by an inert gas, usually argon.

What is

TIG Welding

Tungsten-electrode inert gas welding: a method of welding in which the arc is maintained by a tungsten electrode and shielded from the access of air by an inert gas.

What is

Stick Welding

Stick welding is a form of welding that uses electricity to melt a metal filler rod/electrode/stick (electrode is the proper term) that melts both the metal joint and electrode all at once to fuse two pieces of metal together and fill the joint with filler metal at the same

Requirements:  face to face meeting to discuss class expectations and certification goals, High school diploma or working towards HSE, 18 years of age, complete full TABE assessment to enroll in the MSDWT adult education program.


Days/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays  5:30 PM – 9:00PM and (6) Saturdays 7:00AM-12:00PM

Location: J Everett Light Career Center (1901 E. 86th Street / Indpls 46240)

To learn more about this program visit: www.industcerts.com  or Call 317-259-5275

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