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This class is designed for Indiana Licensed school teachers, foster parents, and daycare staffers. The core topics will be CPR, AED, and choking emergency care. Emphasis will be on Pediatric Medical illnesses and physical injuries. Once satisfactorily completed, attendee will receive certificate of completion for CPR/AED/first aid,. This course will also be beneficial for parents, grandparents, nannies, and baby sitters. Below is a brief description of the first aid topics:

Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)
How to differentiate between food poisoning, food sensitivity, food intolerance
Respiratory Hypoxia, asthma, shortness of breath, shocks, seizure, drowning

Soft tissue injuries, cuts, amputation, impaled object, bleeding control, burns
Blunt trauma
Bruises, strain, sprain
Bone fracture

Poisoning (including poisonous plants and insect bites)

Ample time will be provided to discuss what you have observed, witnessed or experienced.  A separate certificate for Blood Borne Pathogen will be available upon request.  Proposed fee for Washington Township School teachers.

Fully complied with Indiana DOE’s teaching licensing requirements.




Check back soon for new schedule 


Instructor: Moses Ko

Course #HL14 

For questions: email

To Register: Contact Moses at or Diana Cochran at 317-259-5275

Fee: $55

Location: J. Everett Light Career Center
               North Central High School Campus

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