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CDL (class A) – Commercial Driver’s License- (in Partnership with TDI – Whiteland, IN)

Class Type: In person

Location: 3542 East 500 North / Whiteland, IN 46184  -- (800) 848-7364

Days & Time: Must be able to successfully complete 3 consecutive weeks of training to take the class A CDL exams.

Class Requirements (the class is free to anyone who meets the following requirements) - 

18 years old minimum, be available for 3 weeks (8AM – 5PM), US citizenship, have reliable transportation. Enroll with MSDWT Adult Education program- complete required paperwork, TABE assessment (a reading, math & language assessment) R=519 L=511 M=496. In person orientation and enroll with TDI in Whiteland, IN.

Summary - 

There’s a nationwide shortage of Class A CDL drivers, and it’s affecting the transportation and truck driving industry in big ways. The nation’s leading carriers, such as Werner, FedEx, Schneider, Averitt, and more, are hiring commercial driver’s license (CDL) graduates by the handful. 
This 3 week (120 hours) intensive class prepares students to pass their exams to obtain their CDL license. The program involves several steps including a written exam as well as a road test; there is also a required physical examination. Earning a Class A CDL presents you with several career opportunities in the transportation and freight industries. With this license, you’re automatically qualified to drive a truck that tows a trailer with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of more than 10,000 pounds. When you’re on the interstate, most of the big semi-trucks you see are Class A vehicles.

Employment & Education - 

Because career planning is an integral part of Truck Driver Institute’s they will get your career on the road without post-graduate delays. On average, new truck drivers start their careers earning between $700 - $1000 per week. The truck driving school’s career placement rate is over 90%. They achieve this high success rate through close partnerships with over 20 major carriers. The emphasis is on partnerships because we are the largest commercial driving school East of the Rockies that operates independently from any carrier. There are three  major benefits to becoming certified at their independent training center: you aren’t locked into working for a specific company after you graduate;  TDI’s program meets the highest industry standards rather than a particular carrier’s preference, making you a nationally desirable job candidate; the free hiring services come with a lifetime guarantee for all of our graduates. If your career goals or desired location shifts, they are happy to help you find a position that meets your evolving needs.

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