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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our programs? All your answers can be found here on our frequently asked questions page.

If I am under 18 can I still enroll in Washington Township Adult Education programs?

YES. If you are a minor, you can enroll in our programs; however, before you can register, please fill out an Exit Form with your high school staff and your guardian.


How do I get a copy of my HSE diploma?

To obtain a copy of your HSE, create an account with Diploma Sender, and access your HSE scores there. 


Do you offer virtual classes?

Yes. We do offer virtual classes for all of our programs (Adult Basic Education Classes, English Language Classes, and Career Training).


What is the difference between the HiSET, the TASC, and the GED?

In the state of Indiana, the HiSET test replaced the TASC test in 2021, which had previously replaced the GED test in 2013. Students living in those states who are pursuing their high-school equivalency can no longer take the GED or TASC exam — they must take the  HiSET instead. All 3 exams are recognized nationally as a high school equivalency diploma.


Is my High School Equivalency the same as a High School Diploma?

Your High School Equivalency can be used in the same way that a high school diploma can. All of Indiana's public schools accept HSE.  


How long will it take to get my high school equivalency?

The time frame from start to finish is different for everyone.  Some finish in 3 weeks, some in 3 months, some in 3 years.  Many factors go into how long students need to study before passing the HiSET test including where your academic skills start, classroom attendance, how much time you commit to studying outside of class time, and learning difficulties or disabilities.  After you take your TABE pretest, your teacher can better guide you on how long you may need to study before you are ready to take the HiSET test.


How can I sign up for classes?

To sign up for classes, fill out our registration form. Click here to register for Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency classes, here to register for English Language classes, and here to register for Career Training

Question not answered?

Call us at 317-259-5275, fill out our Contact Us Form, or send us a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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