Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)-12 weeks

OverviewThis class provides the training and clinical experience necessary for persons seeking jobs as nursing assistants. The course includes a minimum of 33 hours of classroom hours and 75 clinical hours. The student will be required to provide his/her own scrubs for the clinicals, submit a completed 2-step TB test and recent physical to the instructor to participate in clinicals. Criminal history checks are also processed prior to start of course. Perfect Attendance is required. This course meets state requirements for registry with the Indiana State Department of Health. High school diploma, GED or HSE is encouraged. Students failing the final written and/or skills test may retest up to two times before the entire course must be repeated. *CPR certification is included.


Program DescriptionUnder the supervision of registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, this program will prepare CNA students for the state certification exam. A student will be required to successfully complete a combination of classroom hours at the JEL career center and clinical hours (at a nursing home, TBD) for a total of 108 hours to take the state certification exam.


Classification of Instructional ProgramsNursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant/Aide A program that prepares individuals to perform routine nursing-related services to patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities, under the training and supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

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