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Bridging the Gap- Medical Interpreting Training 

Medical Interpreting – Bridging The Gap

Washington Township Adult Education

In partnership with Luna Language services

Dates and Times: TBD


Summary: Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a nationally-recognized, 40-hour medical interpreter training course. In BTG, participants learn: medical terms, the role of the interpreter, consecutive interpreting, sight translation, and much more. By course’s end, participants have the skills and knowledge necessary to interpret in medical settings. 

Bridging the Gap covers:

  • Basic Interpreter Skills: Roles, ethics, conduit, clarity, and flow in interpreting;

  • Medical Terminology: Body systems, common ailments, common medical procedures, and medical prefixes/suffixes;

  • Information on Health Care: Introduction to the health care system and HIPAA compliance;

  • Culture in Interpreting: Self-awareness, basic characteristics of specific cultures, traditional health care in specific communities, and cultural brokering;

  • Communication Skills for Advocacy: Listening skills, communication styles, how doctors think, and appropriate advocacy; and

  • Professional Development: Effective communication, professional conduct, self-care, and professional growth.


Requirements Computer with camera and microphone and Internet service | Your speaking and listening skills do not require repeating in English and in your foreign language... you are easily understood by others | SS# or work permit to work in the US | Pass a 1-hour phone language proficiency assessment (½ hour in a foreign language & ½ hour in English) | Live in or around Marion County (Indianapolis) | Be able to attend ALL class sessions (40 hours) to get your certification | lastly complete full enrollment with Washington Township adult education for funding for the class.  

Location: TBD 


Class Type: Hybrid or Zoom | TBD


Description: Attendance in all 40 hours of the course is required to successfully complete the training program. If unforeseeable circumstances arise and you cannot come to a class, notify the LUNA office immediately; On the last day of the course, participants pass a 50-question, multiple-choice final exam. The minimum passing score on the exam is 70%; and participants receive a BTG certificate upon successful completion of the course.

For more information on eligibility and enrollment, contact…

Erin Radford (Washington Township Adult Education):

Have a question or interest in a career training class, email us...

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Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. 

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