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QuickBooks Online class (Live Instruction)

(Accounting/ Bookkeeping/ Administrative Software)

Offered in partnership with ONLC Training (Instructor-led online classes)

Class: Two days of instruction (NOT consecutive days)  

Day 1 QuickBooks Online QuickStart   Day 2-  QuickBooks Online Advanced 

Class Time for both days: 10:00 AM to 4:45 PM

Overview - 

This state-funded ($800 value) instructor-led course will introduce the basics of using Quickbooks online. It will present the day-to-day functions for an administrator to work with customers, vendors, employees, and banking transactions for a business using the Intuit QuickBooks online cloud application.


Prerequisites - 

link to detailed class requirements  (do not enroll on their website if you want us to pay for the class)

  • Basic proficiency in the Windows operating system, a basic understanding of accounting practices, and browsing online. 

  • One or More Computers (desktop laptop, tablet or TV)

    • If you have a computer running Windows or Mac OS with a large monitor, you are good. Note, ONLC classes are taught using Windows OS.

    • If you have a computer with multiple monitors or a desktop and a laptop, even better!  Some students have even used a small TV and connected it to their computer to function as a second monitor.

    • If you are not sure about your setup, watch the setup videos on this page then You are also invited to contact ONLC customer service reps at 1.800.288.8221 to discuss your setup for the QuickBooks Online class. Be sure to do this BEFORE registering for a class.

  • High-Speed Internet

  • Hands-free Audio Device- You can use audio from your computer with a microphone (a standalone microphone, headset, or even a camera that has a microphone.) Most laptops will have a built-in microphone and speaker.

Program Description - 

QuickBooks by Intuit is a very popular accounting software that's used by individuals and businesses of all kinds to manage their financials. Quickbooks Online is via the cloud, which can be accessed anytime from a computer/laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  QuickBooks can be used to easily track expenses, manage taxes, do payroll, generate financial statements, create invoices, and other bookkeeping needs. QuickBooks also has organization tools to track income, and expenses, reconcile bank accounts and credit cards, send estimates, inventory management, payroll, and more to help business owners run things more efficiently. Mastering QuickBooks can also help save money at tax time by having the year's metrics easily accessible for your bookkeeper or CPA.  

Certification - 

The course includes the QuickBooks Certification exam (scheduled at the time of enrollment).  QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) certification is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates one's skills using Intuit QuickBooks accounting software.  You will also get a free 1-Year subscription to QuickBooks Online to practice with after the class. 


Program Requirements - 

Before referral to ONLC Training.  Individuals are required to successfully complete state-required program enrollment, including registration, a Reading assessment (TABE), an online self-paced course in Soft Skills via WinLearning, and an Interest assessment via Indiana Career Explorer.  Interested individuals must also be able to participate in the full two days of classes at the posted hours above | Complete the certification exam within two weeks after class ends (you may reschedule the exam one time).

Interested in a QuickBooks class...
Please click OR cut & paste this link ⇒ to fill out, and submit a class interest form.

We will use this information to contact you and fill upcoming QuickBooks classes. 

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